Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Palestinians demand a state!

The Palestinians are going to ask the UN to accept them as a new member while they occupy Israeli land.

Forget for a moment that they have no rights to be a member. Forget for a moment that they are not a people under ANY definition of the word. Forget for a moment that the world is so enamored with their status that they cannot even seen through their own propaganda. Forget that there is no letter for P in Arabic, their official language. It has been said that it was the Romans who named the Kingdom of Judea as Palestine to taunt the Jews with their enemy, the Philistines.

Forget all that. However remember that the Palestinians already declared their independence. November 15, 1988, a Palestinian state was proclaimed by Yasser Arafat at a meeting of the Palestine National Council in Algiers. Jerusalem was defined as its capital. How is that possible? Can I declare New York as the new capital of Lawrencia?

The 1988 declaration of Independence. The letter also shows a PFLP label depicting Israel as an octopus. This is the same way that the Nazis depicted the Jews. 

13 countries immediately extended diplomatic recognition to the newly declared Palestinian state. Javier Perez de Cuellar, the United Nations Secretary General, welcomed the step by the Palestine National Council toward acceptance of Israel's right to exist and said it opens 'fresh opportunities' for peace. How? The UN has not changed. The Palestinians can declare that the world is flat and the UN will accept it.

Countries that immediately recognizing the new state included Algeria, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and Southern Yemen, Malaysia, Mauritania, Turkey and Indonesia. Many more followed suit as did Russia. Over a hundred nations recognized this new state! Perhaps if I declare that New Jersey is the new country of Lawrencia, the world would recognize my existence as well? I can still have New York as my capital!

Why is the world so fixated on the Palestinians? They are not entitled to anything. They have a nation. Call Jordan whatever you want. Does the world need another Muslim nation to show you that the Earth is really flat?

But why is everyone silent about the Kurdish people. A true nation of over 40 million people. They have a national language, a culture, a religion, a history. Oh wait, that makes them a PEOPLE. Yet they are persecuted by the bullying tactics of Turkey. They are massacred. Turkish aircraft bomb their homes, killing innocent women and children.

Why is the world silent? Why has Turkey not been expelled from NATO? I know, the Kurds are not Arabs.