Monday, September 19, 2011

Jerusalem IS Israeli!

Jerusalem has been a part of the Jewish nation for over 3000 years. More than a millennium before there was the first Muslim. Despite multiple invasions there was always a Jewish presence in Jerusalem.

In 1948, the Jordanian Arab Legion, trained by the British and led by a British General, Glubb Pasha, invaded Israel and took control of the old city of Jersualem. The Jordanian forces would not allow Jews to pray at the Western Wall. For the first time in over 3000 years, Jews could not pray at their Holiest site! Is that not Apartheid?

Jordan controlled the old city of Jerusalem as an occupation administration. Of course they would, they were holding occupied Israeli land.

This continued for 19 years, until 1967. In a totally defensive war, Israel returned all of Jerusalem back to Jewish hands. Mail sent to Jerusalem, "Jordan" was returned to sender with a slogan: "Delivery Prevented Due to Enemy Occupation of Jordad territory". Yes, Jordad, a spelling mistake.

Is Jerusalem Jordanian?

Jordan considered Jerusalem as a part of Jordan as late as 1968. Was there a "Palestinian nation" at that time? If there was why did they not claim Jerusalem as they are today?

What is this Palestinian people that people love so much? Do they have their own language? Do they have their own culture? Do they have a history? All cities in the land they claim have Jewish names. Did they buy any land? Where were they before 1964? How is it that so many claim private lands when they do not hold the deeds to these lands? And if they did who were they purchased from?

To top it all off, if all they want is Judea and Samaria, then why does their symbol show the entire map of Israel?