Thursday, September 22, 2011

Israel has a right to exist!

Obama gave a speech at the UN that was seemingly pro-Israel. Are his words valid? Are his words now meant to lure the Jewish vote back to this demagogue? Jimmy Carter is smiling because at long last there is a president who is worse than he was. So why this pro-Israel speech?

Unfortunately actions mean more than words. This president received a Noble prize for words. Unfortunately his words have no validity. He says something and the Arabs immediately refer to this as the gospel. So do many in the world! And so do those who seek to defame Israel.

All of a sudden Jewish presence in Judea and Sumeria is the main reason for all the world's ills. According to some US Generals, Jewish presence in the area is the reason that soldiers are being killed in Iraq and Afghanistan. Come on! Gates says that Israel is ungrateful. We need to give Judea and Sumeria back. I ask to whom?

Jordan always considered the so-called West Bank as a part of their territory. The Jordanian school curriculum was used in this area. When the area was returned to Israel, little was changed by the Israeli Ministry of Education. Now the books have been changed into a hated-fest against Israel. History is changed in the books to suit the Arab point of view. UNESCO even defined Abraham's tomb as a Mosque. Since when was this a mosque? The tomb was in Jewish hands for millenia. There was always a Jewish presence in Hebron since biblical times UNTIL 1929 when the Arabs massacred all the Jews living there.

In the eyes of the Arab world, Israel has no right to exist. Our very presence is an affront to their world domination. Sounds like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion? It does a bit, if we had not seen facts in action.

Look at the image below. In 1970 Israel was one of the 16 countries that made it to the World Cup Football, yes football, not what the Americans call football. Israel's name was blacked out by Yemen. Does Israel not exist? When someone crosses the road and does not look, does it mean that because he cannot see you, you are not there?

Israel is here and here to stay. Get used to it!

Not only are we here to stay but we have made the world  a better place. We have made advancements for the world in computers, communication, irrigation, medicine and many others. What have the Arabs done for you? Are you sure that you want to boycott us?