Sunday, May 22, 2016

The French Peace Initiative

The French Peace Initiative

I call for an international summit to discuss the issue of dividing France into two countries for two nations, the French nation which will retain the name Republic of France and the other nation will be the Islamic Caliphate of France with Paris as its capital. If the French do not agree, then it will be illegal for a person of French origin to live in occupied Paris. They must withdraw from Paris and all parts of Eastern and southern France before November 2017. If not, they will be in violation of international law.

Does this sound familiar to you? We have been saying the same idea for years. Although this is supposed to be a joke based on the idea of the upcoming French initiative in which they said that if Israel does not accept their conditions, they will recognize a Palestinian State on Israeli territory. Now, any idiot will say, unless you are a French politician or a member of the radical far-left, if that is the case, the Palestinians will get everything they demand, despite having absolutely no rights, not legally, historical, moral or religious, so why should they negotiate? Because the French want to feel important! Forget the small issue that the French initiative is in TOTAL VIOLATION of international law of which they are signatories, not one of the multitude of Islamic countries, but the French. They want to feel important, on the backs of others.

But in essence, do the Arabs want another failed state? They have rejected overtures very often. Who will line their pockets if they get a state? How will the leaders get their billions? Look at the billionaires: Ismail Haniya, Khaled Mashal, Mahmood Abbas and Saeb Arekat. Look at how Yassir Arafat milked the coffers to become a billionaire.
I call for an international summit to discuss the issue of dividing France into two nations for two peoples, the French nation which will retain the name Republic of France and the Islamic Caliphate of France with Paris as its capital.

Let us continue with my satire:

The terror attacks in France have shown that it is time to make necessary changes in France. No longer can the French accept living in terror. No longer must they execute without trial, poor Muslims who simply want to murder people. Muslims are clearly waging war on France to transform the county into Dar Al Islam and it is time that France must start negotiations with them. The world now realizes that France cannot do it themselves, so we call on the  international summit. If they fail, we will divide France unilaterally as they did in the Middle East over a 100 years ago.

Isn't my attempt at humor similar to what is happening at the moment? As I have blogged before, Sharia Law divides the world into two domains Dar Al-Harb ( (territory of war or chaos) and Dar Al-Islam (territory of submission). Any place ruled by the laws of Islam even if the majority of the inhabitants are not Muslim is considered Dar Al Islam and no longer needs to be conquered.

Some people say that Israel should give the French a chance, should we trust the French? Well let us look at our history with France. During the first crusade (1096), a thousand years ago, the French placed Jews of Rouen in a Church and murdered them. Jews throughout France were at that time in great fear, and wrote to their brothers in the Rhine countries making known to them their terror and asking them to fast and pray. In the Rhineland thousands of Jews were killed by the crusaders. The French stole our property. Then there were expulsions, massacres, allowing us to return, expulsions, massacres, and a cycle. We stupidly did return. Who understands why? But hatred of Jews reigned for a thousand years in France. Dreyfus case anyone? That was only a 100 years ago. Holocaust? The French were willing partners. What about their actions against Israel since 1967? Will the French ever return all the money, land an other property they stole from us? Probably valued today as 1000 Trillion dollars. That would help my own bank account a bit. Jews have been living in France for more years than there was an Islamic presence in France, or even in Israel, should we also demand a part of France as a satellite of Israel?

So I ask again, why should we trust the French?