Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Israel, a threat to world peace

What a statement to make that we hear from everyone: Israel is THE threat to world peace. Can anyone explain how Israel, a country that is smaller than the American state of New Jersey is a threat to world peace? Is it because the world is so scared of Muslim rioting and death threats that they believe anything that they are fed.

Israel has been Jewish for 6000 years. How many of you can say that about your own country? Israel was Jewish 4500 years before the first Muslim was born! Yet Israel is a threat to world peace.

"Why didn't the Americans bomb Auschwitz" is a question every Jewish kid comes to learn and discuss during the last seventy years. "Never again" is a well known phrase born during the Holocaust in which six million Jews were murdered in concentration camps by the so-called enlightened Europeans. Is this a new thing? Not at all. During the Crusades, the Europeans massacred Jews often simply because they owed them money. Jews were kicked out of their homes, their lands and even expelled from the countries. The Spanish Inquisition told them either convert or die, all because they were Jews who dared to live. Yet Israel is the threat to world peace. Oh and by the way, in case you did not know, Mahmud Abbas, the so-called moderate leader of the new state of Palestine is a Holocaust denier. He wrote his doctorate denying that Jews died in the Holocaust. His reasoning is simple. If Israel was created because of the Holocaust, then if we wipe out the Holocaust, then we wipe out Israel. No wonder the Europeans are so eager to believe anything he says. Just one problem, Jewish state has been around for 6000 years.

Did we as humans really learn anything from history? Did the Europeans learn anything from the Crusades? From the Holocaust? What about when Arab armies constantly attack Israel and Israel is forced to defend herself? On whose side do the Europeans lie? The wrong side of course. Europe is known today as Eurabia because of the Islamic invasion that is controlling the once proud continent. No wonder you consider Israel a threat. You are too scared to think otherwise or not allowed to think. Remember that Islam invaded Europe 1000 years ago and now once again. This time Europeans are too scared to address the issue. Remember the Danish cartoon fiasco? Or a stupid movie that was developed in the USA?

What do we, the free world, do today when we see an Arab dictator killing innocent people, using his own armies against civilians, using foreign armies sent to help him by other dictators? Do we act any differently? For almost two years, a Syrian dictator has been killing his own people. Over 60,000 dead, men women and children. Bombing cities, schools and hospitals like Arabs know how to do very well and over a million refugees. While the world stands by watching indifferently. How will we be able to answer our children when they will, one day, ask us "why didn't you do something?".

But, when Israel tries to build homes on their own land, their own capital, lands that they have owned for 6000 years, suddenly Israel is condemned by the world, including the hypocritical Europeans and Turks. That is a threat to world peace?

You have an Islamic nation building nuclear weapons with the means to the deliver them, as far as Washington and the world does nothing. You have an Islamic nation which recently changed its Constitution to suit itself and what does Washington do? Sends them advanced military aircraft. As a gift! You have an Islamic nation which hates the West and even massacred the American ambassador despite multiple warnings, but what is done? A cover-up!

But Israel is a threat to world peace! Think of this for a moment. If Israel is not around to protect you, will you feel safe?

Roman coin showing the Jewish area of Judea in captivity 2000 years ago.