Thursday, January 24, 2013

France attacks Terrorists

France, a once proud European nation sent troops and aircraft to Mali to attack Islamic terrorist in that country. Mali is a country in Africa, thousands of kilometers away from France.

Why is France so committed to squashing terrorists in Mali, but has no problem when Israel is under attack? Israel constantly faces terrorists and terrorism on her borders in an increasing antagonist neighborhood where the Muslim Brotherhood is becoming increasingly active and leading the reigns.

Why isn't the United Nations condemning France's response as disproportionate especially when there are reports indicating numerous civilian casualties? Why is it that the American president is considering sending troops to assist France and so are the British?

Only Israel is pressured to capitulate to terrorists and only Israel is condemned for carrying out self-defense measures through militarily force.

Maybe this is not about terrorism at all but about Mali's Uranium deposits? Or something else? Maybe more sinister? There is a claim that Mali requested France's assistance. Can they do that? It is only an interim government, a puppet regime, not unlike the leaders in Gaza.

When Israel protects herself against terrorist with no outside help she is immediately scolded. The invented Palestinians who instigate the terrorist attacks immediately go to the Arab League who immediately turn to the United Nations to condemn Israel. Israel is automatically condemned for defending herself amid accusations of infringing on human rights and international law. What international law? The same nations that have an automatic majority define what they call international law.

Palestinian terrorists are acceptable to the world while Mali terrorists are not. Why?

German support for Terrorism Russian support for terrorism