Monday, August 27, 2012

Olympic racism

The Olympic Games opened with the usual British pompousness, but that is the way of the Olympics so in this case we cannot blame the Brits. We can blame the Brits for the BBC. The BBC decided that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel. Interesting! Jerusalem has been the capital of Israel for over 3000 years, longer than there was a London! By that token, longer than most other capitals today.

The Jewish people have been in Israel longer than most nations have been around including England itself. On the BBC website, they listed every other nation as having a capital, but not Israel. That was changed to “Seat of government”. The BBC’s mandate is to provide impartial public service broadcasting. When have the British government ever stuck to its mandate. In 1920 they were given the mandate for the so-called area known as Palestine with the aim of returning the land back to its rightful owners, the Jews. Instead, they cut off 2/3 and gave it to the Arabs to create Arab Palestine. They decided to name Arab Palestine as Transjordan, against the ruling of the League of Nations. But that is England. Like intellectually challenged people such as Emma Thompson, they think they rock.

40 years ago, 11 Israeli Olympians were killed at the hands of Arab terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics. This was simply because they were Israeli. In 2012, all people wanted, was a minute of silence in remembrance of this heinous affront to the spirit of the Olympic Games.

Was the request granted? No! Why? Forget for a moment that the so-called moderate Arab leader known as Mahmoud Abbas was one of the financiers of the Black September operation. I will not refer to that incident despite the well known fact that Abbas is a Holocaust denier.

Jacques Rogge, the current President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), personally rejected calls for the minute of silence. "We feel that the Opening Ceremony is an atmosphere that is not fit to remember such a tragic incident," he said. Yet in the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010 a moment of silence was held for Nodar Kumaritashvili, a Georgian luge slider who died after crashing during a training run and hitting a metal pole. Double standards? Of course, but why?

Mr. Rogge is a known supporter of an invented nation that has become known as the Palestinians. Forget that this nation has no basis to be called a nation and was only invented in the late sixties; forget that the Kurdish nation is a true nation with a true right in every way but no one cares about them. Hey, the Turks massacre them and the Iraqis did, but who cares. They are not Arabs. Mr. Rogge is a supporter of the Arabs so much so that was also spotted wearing a Palestinian scarf. It is possible that with the way Islam works, his life may have been threatened or maybe he just is not intelligent enough to understand the fallacy.

Member of this fake nation, which is trying to be recognized as a country, on the land of a different country, first took part in the 1996 Olympic Games where there was a Spanish IOC president. I tend to forgive the Spaniards for not understanding. Their country was invaded by Arabs many times over and they no longer know what they are doing. Jibril Rajoub, President of the Palestinian Olympic Committee appealed to Mr Rogge not to comply with the request, “Sports are meant for peace, not for racism". Say what? THE most racist area today has the gall to say that? Talk about Chutzpah.

The Arab delegation, which until late 1960s considered themselves as a part of southern Syria are often invited to sporting events in Muslim countries such as in football and swimming. Israel will never be able to enjoy sporting events in the Middle East with such racism around.

Today, England, like most of Europe and the United States, is ruled by the Muslims. This is a very serious situation which may mean that soon one of the European countries will have a Muslim leader who will try and install Sharia law. The invasion of Europe failed 1000 years ago, today it is succeeding. In the United States, there is a Muslim president. I do not understand how such a great nation such as the USA managed to vote Obama in.

Wake up people. What is happening to Israel can happen to you.