Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Oh, Jerusalem

I will start off with a joke I received:

The United Nations Secretary General is sitting in his office together with his deputy. He has what he thinks is a brilliant idea and shares it immediately.
“I’ve got it!” the Secretary General begins. “In the interest of global peace and harmony, the world’s soccer players should come together and form one United Nations global team.”
“Great idea, sir,” says the Deputy. “But who shall we play against?”
“Why, Israel, of course.”

Cute, don’t you think? You laughed, didn't you! But is that not reality? We have Iran on the brink of nuclear capability meaning that the entire world is in danger. If you are sitting in your home in London, you are in danger from whichever despot is in charge of the Iranian arsenal. We have Syria who massacres her own subjects on a daily basis. We have Turkey which constantly attacks the Kurds and is still occupying a part of Cyprus, against true International law. We have the Egyptians who are rampant and just waiting to drag their ex-president through the streets. We have a despot in Zimbabwe and many other hotspots all over the world.

But what interests the UN? Whether another building is built by Israel in its ancestral home! The biggest threat to world peace is Israel! Or as the French Ambassador to London once said “That shitty little country.”
Would things be better if the Americans did not have such a incompetent leader? Not really. Would America side beside Israel as the Russians and the Chinese side beside both Iran and Syria? Of course not, American has never sided with Israel in any conflict. On the contrary, they were always the ones reigning Israel in.

Jerusalem is the eternal Jewish capital and has been so for over 3000 years. That is three millennia. Can you believe it? On the other hand there are people who are making claim to Jerusalem as their eternal capital where in their case, eternal is 4 decades, meaning 40 years. Their own claim to this holy city is that their prophet is reputed to have ascended to the heavens from Jerusalem on a mythical creature known as the Buraq. Jerusalem is not mentioned in the Koran at all. So, this is mythology. By the same token, my great grandfather was reputed to walk in the streets of London. So get out of London as that belongs to my ancestors.

Recently Israel celebrated Jerusalem day when the city was reunited. Remember that the city was not in Jewish hands for 19 years in a period of 3000 years. Somehow the Arab nations are trying to destroy Jewish history. Of course they are aided by UNESCO and the UN. The Arabs decided that Jerusalem or Quds as they call it is an Arab city or the center of Arab culture. Since when was Jerusalem an Arab city? In which century? It was actually never an Arab city. There were always Jews in the city. Center of Arab culture? Are people stupid enough to believe this? Well yes, ask the people who call to boycott Israel.

The so-called Palestinians are new comers to the area and as Hamas recently said, they are migrants. That is nothing new to anyone who is allowed and able to think. These Arabs often thought of this area as part of Syria, southern Syria. Why do the Arabs want another country? Don’t they have enough? In essence, yes. But I asked a Slovak once. why Czechoslovakia broke up and he said, “so that we can have two votes in the European Union!” That is why the Arabs are pressuring to create a new state, so that they can have an extra vote at the UN. On the other hand, the Slovaks have their own identity which is not like the "Palestinians" who have no identity or culture, unless you consider terrorism as a culture. When the Arab nations get an extra vote in the United Nations, they can decide whatever they want to be international law. Sharia law will be international law! Women will not be allowed to drive, because that will be against international law.