Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Iran is the new world superpower

Iran is the new world superpower

I have not spoken about the Iran deal because I thought that there were intelligent people out there who saw that this deal is ridiculous and does everything they say that it doesn't. Obama just came back from a vacation and apparently called everyone who thinks this is a bad deal, crazies!

OK, I am one of those crazies. Let me explain why I think this deal is bad in the simplest terms possible, bearing in mind that I am not a nuclear scientist.

  1. The Iranians are allowed to make their own inspections. Yes, you heard right. We should say that to all sportsmen as well. They must test themselves for performance enhancing drugs.
  2. If someone wants to inspect the nuclear sites, they have to give 24 days notice! Simply put, if the police suspect that there is a drug lab, they can phone you up and say we are coming to check whether you have a drug lab in your house in 24 days. How long do you think it will take to clear things out? Obama promised inspections to be not “anywhere, anytime”. Disappeared!
  3. The U.S. cannot demand inspections unilaterally. By requiring the majority of the 8-member Joint Commission, and assuming that China, Russia, and Iran will not cooperate, inspections would require the votes of all three European members of the P5+1 as well as the EU representative. Eurabia will do anything against Iran? They are scared of everything Muslim today.
  4. The Iranians are being given a $150 Billion signing deal. Do you know how much money that is? I would be happy if someone gave me $1 million. This money will only be used to fund international terror. Now, dear Mr Kerry tried to tell us that the Iranians cannot use that money for terror because of UN Resolutions. Hey no problem, give us the money and we will use it for other items and the money we now spend on health and education, we will use for terror instead. Kerry actually told Judy Woodruff of PBS News Hour, “There’s a UN resolution that specifically applies to them not being allowed to transfer to Hezbollah. They are specifically not allowed under another UN resolution to transfer to the Shia militia in Iraq." Strangely they still manage to do that!
  5. The deal is valid for ten years after that they can pursue their desires. Basically what Obama and Kerry are saying is that Iran can have the bomb, just not on their watch. Let it be someone else's problem.
  6. The deal provides for the West to provide Iran with Nuclear technology. Huh? The clause says that "E3/EU+3 parties, and possibly other states, as appropriate, are prepared to cooperate with Iran to establish a Nuclear Safety Center in Iran, engage in workshops and training events in Iran." So, the West will help them with the bomb.
  7. The US would help ensure the “physical security” of Iran’s nuclear infrastructure as part of the nuclear agreement. Kerry intimated at one point that this meant defending Iran against Israel. On NBC "Today" TV show, Kerry was asked if the Iran nuclear deal would make it likely that Israel will either physically strike Iran's nuclear facilities, or else launch a cyber attack against them. He answered "That'd be an enormous mistake, a huge mistake with grave consequences for Israel and for the region, and I don't think it's necessary." Ominous? Threatening?

I am sorry but there are more and more points against this deal.

Iran can have the bomb, just not while Obama is President. Let another president deal with a nuclear Iran.

Obama has brought the Doomsday Clock to near midnight, closer than we have been since Hiroshima. The most intellectually challenging contention made by supporters of the ignoble Iran “deal” is that its opponents offered no better alternative. So it is not that there was no alternative – it was merely that Obama was so eager to reach an agreement he was ready to accept almost any deal. He kept capitulating and compromising until the Iranians said yes. Basically it means that if you hold out long enough, you can get whatever you want. The Palestinians are experts at this.

"Our goal is to get Iran to recognize it needs to give up its nuclear program and abide by the UN resolutions that have been in place...the deal we’ll accept is: They end their nuclear program. It’s very straightforward."~Barack Hussein Obama, October 2012, presidential election debate.

Yeah right! In essence, with the new deal in place and all these secret agreements coming out, is there a place anymore for the IAEI?

Obama said that the whole world is for it. They rushed to push it through the Security Council. The
same people who sat negotiating with Iran met to authorize it. Unbelievable. Will this protect them in the long run? Strangely, the countries in the Middle East are against the deal. They feel that Iran is a bigger threat than Israel is.

Why did they rush in to make any deal that they possibly could without thinking? For China the reasons are probably business.  China sees Iran as a stable partner in the Middle East, allowing them to try and exert their influence in the Middle East. A recent report said that China and Iran have recently signed a  $1 billion deal that would see China trade 24 fourth-generation fighter jets in exchange for control of one of Iran's biggest oil fields. China needs this! As China has a huge chunk of the US deficit, maybe they demanded that Obama make any deal? Or maybe Kerry's Iranian son-in-law was threatened?   Or could it be that Kerry is simply capitulating to Iran because that is what he set out to do? In 2004 he told the Tehran Times that he will repair the damage to the relations with Iran.

Do you feel safer?