Thursday, May 14, 2015

Kill all the Jews, a new song

Kill all the Jews

I am one of those people who do not really think there is an opportunity for peace in the Middle East as long as there is Israel. If there was no Israel, then the Arabs would turn to killing themselves as they do in Syria.

A cousin of mine sent me this video to show my point. The video is extremely difficult to watch. I think it's important for all of us to fully understand the depth of the hatred that Arabs feel. I will not call them Palestinians because the Jews are the only Palestinians as anyone with an ounce of a brain knows. However this video shows how Arabs teach their children to hate, even through music.

According to the email, I received, "The Gaza Girls", a new so-called Palestinian girls band, is pleased to announce its new single, "Kill All the Jews.” The Gaza Girls hope to inspire Muslim women across the globe to express their individuality and say what they truly think!

The lead singer of Gaza Girls is Tina Shahida, an American convert to Islam who felt inspired to start this band after Israel supposedly committed genocide in Gaza in the summer of 2014. The way to win hearts and minds is through music!
Oh, by the way, if Israel committed genocide in Gaza, we are not very good at it. Nowhere near the level of Germany, Turkey, Nigeria, Syria, Iraq, Libya and many others.

Turn on your speakers. You will not believe what you hear.

SATIRE "Kill All the Jews" Gaza Girls Hit Single from Gaza Girls on Vimeo

This is not a satire. This is FOR REAL. Please forward to everyone, especially those you have ever argued with about the "poor Palestinians," or "land for peace."

If Israel is not around to protect you, will you still feel safe?