Monday, January 12, 2015

France faces terror

France faces terror

France has got a taste of what Israel has been facing, but only a taste. The world was riveted to see what and how things revolved. So world leaders got together and had a love-fest in the form of an anti-terror rally. Guess what? Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was asked not to come. All this barely a month after France capitulated to terrorism and voted on the Security Council to create a new Arab country on Israeli territory.

So Bibi was told not to come, but he came anyway. So France told Mohammed Abbas to come. And he did. So at this very solemn arena, why is it that Abbas is smiling like a Chesire Cat?

France surrendered to terror and gave in to their demands as you saw in the UN. However terror is like a snake. It does not know what it is doing, so even though you surrender to it, like a snake, it will bite you anyway. France is lost.

France Told Bibi: If You Come, We'll Invite Abbas.

Abbas is introduced everywhere as the President of Palestine. Forget the fact that in 1948, Palestine became Israel. Forget the fact that Abbas has no mandate. He is a dictator. His mandate ran out in 2009. Forget that, all irrelevant. Issue is that despite going against international law, the French recognize this total farce.

The old France, like the old Sweden, no longer exists. You have surrendered to Islam already. People say that now is the time to wake up. It took Spain over 600 years to rid itself of Muslim terror and now they too surrendered to it. Can the world wait for Europe to wake up? To the French people, we the people of the world hereby declare that France should be partitioned into two states for two nations, both with Paris as their capital. From this point on, it is illegal to build in Paris or in any other part of the Islamic Caliphate of France.

If Israel is not around to protect you, will you still feel safe?