Monday, January 6, 2014

Why is Kerry pushing Israel?

John Kerry is once again here to try and push Israel into signing away part of her territory. We have to wonder why he is doing this. Why does he keep coming back to Israel? Why does he keep putting pressure on Israel?

What will a  peace agreement with another Arab entity bring Israel? Let us try and understand for ourselves, assuming we are allowed to think!

Will it bring security? We know it will not. We have seen evidence of that in Egypt and Jordan. We have to keep protecting ourselves. Can the Americans protect Israel? Hello...Anyone hear of Obama? The Americans failed in Afghanistan, Iraq and other places. They turned their backs on their allies and are actively arming terrorists and terrorist states. They now believe that the only terrorist entity is Al-Qaeda, so how can anyone believe them. Not even the Saudis believe the Americans anymore. Israel also has had bad experiences from the US-trained terrorist forces in the so-called West Bank.

Will it bring peace? We know it will not. Once again, look at Egypt and Jordan and I will throw in Mauritania as well. But look at the people some consider Palestinians, although they are not. A treaty was signed with them in 1994. Have they stood by that agreement, IN ANYTHING? In addition who are we negotiating with? Mahmoud Abbas? His mandate run out in 2009. He has no mandate to sign a deal and any deal he signs will not include Gaza as Hamas does not want him there. That is why he keeps running to the Arab League, maybe they will help him. On the other hand, they are so divided that one wonders if anyone can trust them with a deal. At the moment, Abbas is simply a dictator. Incidentally Abbas wrote his doctorate denying the Holocaust. Under the laws of many European countries he should be prosecuted. So...

Does any part belong to the Arabs? Not at all! Not under any format of international law! The land that people call the West Bank or the pre-1967 borders are not borders at all. They are ceasefire lines and not international borders. They were occupied lands until 1967 when they were returned to Israel, the real Palestinians. It is not only the 1920 San Remo conference that defined this and was later ratified, it has always been Jewish. Are any of the towns that the Arabs reside in actually Arab? Even Bethlehem is a Hebrew name. 

In the eyes of the Arabs pushing Israel to an agreement is only the first step. Remember the original agreement was called Gaza-Jericho first? First did not only mean the first city in the West Bank! 

So, Kerry is pushing Israel and not the Palestinians. Why? He failed in Syria, although he is great Syria supporter. He failed in Iran. He did not fail in Libya, that is a total Obama and Clinton fiasco. But there are so many hotspots all over the world, including the Kurdish nation who are entitled to a homeland. Why is he not pushing the so-called Arab entity that is today known as the Palestinians, a totally invented nation? Why Israel? 

Simply because he can. Israel is the last country in the world who is a true ally of the United States and the only country that can be pushed. What is Kerry doing? If you do not do what I tell you, you will be isolated and we will not stand by you! Is that a friend?

I ask you all to think, if Israel signs a treaty, will you still feel safe?