Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The poor Gaza citizens

My heart goes out for the poor people of Gaza. By popular vote, they decided to vote in Hamas, a radical Islamic movement of Sunni Muslims. If you are an Arab Christian or a Shiite, your life is in danger, because like the Koranic view of Jews, they consider you descendants of apes and pigs. Such brainwashing. No wonder Hamas has no respect for human life. You are there only to serve as a human shield. Just so you know, because I am Jewish and Israeli, I consider your life before my own. I will not shoot at the terrorist you are shielding simply because I may hit you. What an idiot I am!
Courtesy Michael Savage
In 2005, Israel withdraw every Jew from Gaza to give you the possibility to live the life you claim that you deserve. We expected you to do something good. Make something of yourselves. Grow up. We gave you Israeli land to do so. Not Arab land, Israeli land. So, you decided to vote in Hamas which means "Islamic Resistance Movement". Your choice, not ours. Oh, by the way, resistance against whom? Shiites? Christians? I have no idea who else? Oh sorry, they have sworn to destroy Israel. So what did Israel have to do? Close her border with Hamastan! Is their an open border between Greece and Turkey? Pakistan and India? Of course not. Why should they let people in who swore to kill them.

Apparently President Barack Obama believes that nobody suffers more than the Palestinian people. Mr Obama, first the Palestinians are not a people. They have no basis for that definition. But what about the thousands of Syrians being killed? Zimbabweans? Sudanese? What about Israelis who suffer because the world turned a blind eye?

But Israel has a heart and what does she do? She gives the Gaza people free water, electricity, food and medical supplies! Is it really free? No, I pay for it. I pay over 35% income tax and anything I want to purchase I pay a further 17% and then I have to pay a medical tax of 4.9% meaning that before I do anything I have already lost nearly 60% of my salary so that I can give you the freedom to buy rockets to kill me. I am an idiot, I agree. While you are firing missiles at me, I am providing you with electricity, food and medical supplies which I am paying for? Talk about biting the hand that feeds you. Maybe I should switch off the electricity to Gaza? I send my food to you and I can barely afford basic food myself.

But what do you do? You cry to the world that you are suffering, that there is a blockade. Forget the fact that you have a border with Egypt, but every time that is opened, you destroy it. Forget the fact that your leaders in Iran try to arm you with new weapons, even by the sea. But you continue to complain. So misguided intellectually challenged people send invasion flotillas to you, to bring so-called humanitarian aid. What aid do you need? I wish I had malls like you have. I wish had my own home. I cannot afford one because I give my salary to you.

Who is threatening whom?
Who is threatening whom?

Golda Meir once said "What bothers me most is not that Arabs kill our children, but that they force us to kill theirs." Why is the world always silent when Jews are being attacked? Oh yeah, I forgot. Hypocrisy! Who said the Holocaust could not happen again!