Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Using the Media

Today Israelis commemorate Holocaust Memorial Day, a one day memorial day for six million Jews who were brutally massacred at the hands of the Nazis and the Europeans who willingly let them after millennia of anti-Semitism. 

It was Goebbels who said “If you tell a lie often enough, people will believe it is the truth.” You even begin to believe it yourself and become quite convinced that what you are saying is the truth. The world has become convinced that there is a need for a two-state solution for two peoples. Cool. The Jews and whom? 

This week Israel was once again invaded by peace activists from the International Solidarity Movement. Instead of these people showing solidarity with Israel as the underdog in the international arena, they elect to support the Arabs probably because they have bought into the way the Arabs have managed to use Goebbels’ legacy and because they want to go with the herd and Jew hatred has always been the thing to do. But these misguided people call themselves peace activists, yet that is exactly the opposite of what they were doing. If they were peace activists, they would be siding with Israel against the belligerent Arabs. 

Everyone saw the video of the Israeli Lt. Colonel Eisner who “brutally attacked a Danish peace activist with his M16” and in another place “Israeli soldiers brutally attack Palestinians with M-16 rifle”. Multiple soldiers were using a single rifle? The use of the word brutally here, is also incorrect for anyone who saw the movie. It also conjures up images that he took his rifle and started shooting, where he actually used his rifle as a stick. Anyone who saw other pictures of the incident, also saw these so-called peace activists carrying knives and attacking the soldiers, Mavi Marmara anyone? Eisner had had his finger broken in a previous altercation with these activists. Referring back to the incident with the Danish activist, in many countries in the world, there is personal space and when someone invades it, harmful intent can be assumed. Friends of mine living in Sweden, told me this: “In Scandinavia people keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters between each other. It’s extremely rude to cross this invisible line and hostile intent can be suspected.” The misguided activist provoked the defensive response. 

This was media frenzy. There was an ambulance on hand, knowing that there would be violence and of course the press who take any chance to fabricate news; and of course my stupid government. Why do I call my government stupid? Because they constantly fall into this trap. Instead of calling in the Danish ambassador to ask what this activist was doing on Israel soil, they condemned the defensive action of the officer and the Danish embassy required an explanation for the attack and not the other way round. I wonder what would happen if I would go to Denmark and incite there and call for violence or break any law there or even protest outside a mosque for human rights or even the rise of anti-Semitic acts in Denmark? This trap of initial self-blame is reminiscent of the Mohammed el-Durra affair. This still comes back to bite us. 

On September 30, 2000, in the early days of the Intifada Al Aqsa, Muhammad Jamal al Durrah and his father Jamal were caught in crossfire during a clash between the IDF and “Palestinian” Security Forces in the Netzarim junction in the Gaza Strip. A “Palestinian” cameraman filming for the French television France 2 reported that Muhammed was killed by gunfire from the Israel Defense Forces. A few days later, the Israeli army chief of operations issued an apology and expressed sorrow at the incident. He also accused the “Palestinians” of the use of children in the conflict. 

The boy quickly became a martyr in the Arab world and a symbol of “Palestinian” grievances against Israel. Of course in 2002, an investigative report by the ARD German television said there was a "high probability" that the Israelis did not do it. Some people believe that the entire incident was staged by the “Palestinians”. As a matter of interest there are many who believe that Mohammed did not die in the attack and no body has surfaced. 

There is also the case where the father, Jamal claimed that he was injured during the attack, but an Israeli officer check his records and found that he treated Jamal in 1994 for wounds inflicted probably from being beaten by Hamas. The Israeli doctor was sued for saying this but the French court acquitted him in 2012. Does it really matter now? The damage to Israel was already done. 

The result of this incident was that most of the Arab nations, including those at peace with Israel, issued stamps depicting the incident and using the image from the French camera-man; once again, a second in a two hour incident. Here are some of the stamps issued. 

 It is my own belief that Nabil Shaath an Arab negotiator for a new Arab nation and an ardent philatelist, had his hand in convincing Arab nations to issue this omnibus set. As humans, we all need to stand together in the face of the dangerous violent world that Islam is preparing for us. In their view, it is the “My way or the high way” situation. Unfortunately more and more pseudo-intellectuals are buying into the Arab fairy tales.

Often on Holocaust Memorial Day, we Jews stand up and say "Never Again", yet with Ahmadinejad denying the Holocaust and threatening Israel and the entire world and the UN with its own racist agenda's and a very weak and ineffectual American president, is it really never again? Wake up people! If you want to support the underdog, you are supporting the wrong side.