Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The USA is weak

I was watching a satire called Latma the other day and it was thought provoking.

Obama and two advisors were sitting around a table discussing a possible trip to the Middle East. It turns out that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that Obama will be safe, the only country where his life will not be under threat. However Obama said that the whole reason for a trip to the Middle East is to get closer to the Arab states and thereby screw the Jews. So why go to Israel? His advisors said, "To screw the Jews!" It is sad how true that is.

Obama placed a Secretary of State, Kerry, who is totally unrespected for being weak so much that the Russian Foreign Minister even refused his calls. Of course he would, if the bear roars, the mouse hides. So Kerry decided to arm Syria's opposition forces. Is he stupid? Did that tactic work in Afghanistan? No! But in the Middle East, you have to know who you are dealing with. Here Kerry is arming people who will not thank you in the end, but turn on it. Ever heard of Benghazi? If the USA is so appalled at the tens of thousands murdered by Assad and the over one million refugees, then why not attack militarily? Simple! Syria is backed by the new world powers who simply laugh at the USA today.

Obama placed John Brennan as head of the CIA, a person who is reputed to have converted to Islam while working as a station chief in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s. This is of course his own personal choice but remember that Islam is not the religion of Peace that it claims it is and that the vast majority of terrorism is Islamic. be taht as it may, Brennan refers to Israel as Palestine. Technically he is correct. The area of Judea was called Palestine by the Romans to offend the Jews, 600 years before there was the first Muslim and 600 years before any Arab set foot in Israel. But this was not Brennan's intention. He referred to Jerusalem as Al-Quds! Since when is Jerusalem, the Jewish capital for over 3000 years called Al-Quds?

Obama placed a Secretary of defense who received money from Hamas and refused to deny it. He claims that Iran is a peace loving nation while Israel is not. Hagel once said that the Israel Arab conflict needs to be solved so that the Middle East would be safer. He is reputed to have written: "It is this conflict, practically alone, that prompts the rise of terrorists, weakens friendly governments, and makes it impossible for the United States to win Arabs and Muslims over to the good cause.” So Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan are all because of the Israel-Arab conflict? What is so strange is that with a belligerent Iran and North Korea, the US votes someone who does not have the accreditation to be the Secretary of Defense in this day and age and both Democrats and Republicans in the Senate voted him in. This showed once again how weak America is. Is this Obama's true purpose? To weaken the USA? Is he so sinister?


The only country that Obama constantly berates is Israel, the USA's only true ally through thick and thin. When Erdogan claimed that Zionism is a crime against humanity, what does Obama do? Does he come to Israel's aid? No, he sends a weak and ineffectual Secretary of State to express dismay. Well, I express dismay as well. What does Obama want to do? He wants to come to Israel and ask Israel to try and bridge ties with Turkey. Say what? Turkey sent an invasion flotilla to Israel against International law and calls Zionism a crime against humanity and Obama wants Israel to mend ties? Is he that ignorant? I guess he is.

As I write these words, I am worried about the world today. What is going to happen? Europe has already been overrun with Islam. Is the USA next? Is Obama going to change the currency to "In Allah we trust"? In a recent interview, Oliver North, a decorated military veteran claimed: “If Israel ceased to exist tomorrow there would be still a jihad, and the administration’s convinced that if they can somehow get this so-called peace process back underway, we’ll be safer for it. I beg to differ.” Is Obama so stupid or is this all just part of a sinister plan?